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Driving Style

Post  Ashley Rushworth on Mon Oct 04, 2010 5:44 pm

These parameters apply to your behaviour in a race. There are usually two parameters for both dry and wet conditions. For instance, you can decide to take it more easy in wet races, or perhaps push harder because everybody else is being cautious! It's up to you.

Overall Speed/Pace - The faster you go the greater the chance of an accident.
Aggression - If you are more aggressive it is easier to pass, but there is an increased chance of collision.
Tyre Use - If you give your tyres a hard life you will go quicker initially, but they will wear out quicker making you slower over a long stint. You should select a setting appropriate to your strategy or tyre selection.
Mechanical Sympathy - You can a little extra performance out of your car if you are willing to accept an increased chance of a breakdown.
Pit Stops - There are two sliders for driver and team. Cautious stops are slower but on the other hand there is less chance of somebody making a mistake and costing even more time.
Race Start - Choose between making a fast start or the increased risk of stalling or other calamity. Overtaking is easier on the first lap, so you may want to push harder if you are worried about being overtaken or simply want to try and make up for a bad qualifying session.


Even though it's completely up to you, I will give you some little base lines to go around. These examples might not work well with all carsets and are if you have no driver characteristics that help you in the race (remember if you do have a driver characteristic like Speed Daemon you can always but the sliders a bit higher Smile)

Overall Speed/Pace - Should be somewhere between 60 - 80
Aggression - Should be somewhere between 60 - 80
Use of Tyres - I can tell you what to put them on as it completely depends on your race strategy.
Mechanical Sympathy - Should be somewhere between 40 - 60
Pit Stop Speed vs Mistakes - Should be somewhere between 50 - 70
Race Starts - Should be somewhere between 40 - 60

Now this might not be the best strategy, but I stay in these guidelines and I'm not doing that bad Wink
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