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Driver Characteristics

Post  Ashley Rushworth on Mon Oct 04, 2010 5:46 pm

This topic will give you a brief explanation on what each Driver Characteristic does. I suggest you read this very carefully as it one of the most important contributors to your race result! Smile

Mechanical Sympathy:
Slider - Mechanical Sympathy

* Setting can be more toward abusive.
* Reduces any mechanical gremlins you may encounter during the race.


Wet Weather Warrior:
Slider - Overall Speed/Pace (Wet)

* Real speed is found when it rains.
* High wet pace setting without risk of crashing.


Pole Sitter King:
Slider - Qualifying Pace

* Speed bonus in Qualifying only, but significantly larger than that of Speed Demon.
* Combined with Thinker can put you on pole almost every race with a perfect setup.
* No bonus for the race itself.


Speed Demon:
Slider - Overall Speed/Aggression/Qualifying Pace

* Small speed bonus in qualifying, the race and in the wet.
* One of the most useful skills to have, because instead of one large bonus in one area you get 3 small ones.


Slider - Overall Pace

* You may set a higher pace with reduced risk of driver error.
* Usually always will put in consistent lap times based on your set up.


Super Fit:

* Reduces rate of driver errors and helps you maintain your speed late in the race.
* Often overlooked, but I find this skill is actually quite helpful in many series.

As far as I've found using it, it prevents most errors and allows you to constantly push yourself to your limits, allowing more speed all through the race.



* This skill drastically reduces those pesky driver errors, spins, crashes and other anomalies that you may encounter during the race. I have found no speed bonus aside from the reduced risk of any errors.



* This skill prevents you from crashing in qualifying and loosing all your laps, or suffering a "mechanical failure on circuit" or anything like that.



* You always fight for points and will seem to go faster if you are further down the field, until you reach your "goal" position indicated in the race strategy section.



* Reduces the risk of collisions when fighting for position on track, or driver errors that may result from on track position battles.


Slider - Aggression

*Can be set more toward Offensive with a greatly reduced risk of collisions.


Slider - Experimentation

* You may set your slider more towards Hi-Data/Risky during practice and warm up and receive the best feedback with no risk of crashing, or loosing laps..

The only set back is that it's very harsh on tyres, so if you are in touring cars or V8's where you have a very limited amount of softs to use, you may damage a set you need to use later in the race, or wear down 2 separate sets at a advanced rate. There is no worry of this in F1, as you can just use Hard tyres.


Control Freak
Slider: Race Start

* Reduces stalling or making a "horrible start".
* This skill does not, however, guarantee a perfect or great start. It simply eliminates the chance you will mess up.

I find that most of the time you will just make average or good starts with it set on 100. Very rarely will you make a fantastic start, but the skill is a handy one to have nonetheless.


Slider - Qualifying Pace

* Set at 100 without crashing or being held up by other drivers during qualifying.
* Provides consistent top 10 qualifying results.
* Not quite the pace as Pole Sitter King but Pole is possible.


Spatial Awareness:

* Makes passing easier and cleaner.
* If you are not a whole lot faster than your opponent (which is a huge bonus for passing) but rather just a small bit faster, you will still find a small opening and exploit it.
* I find it also reduces the risk of crashing as most (if not all) of the passes end up clean and with you the victor.


Bender: Not currently known.


Sliders - Pit stop Speed vs Mistakes/Experimentation

* Allows you to set your mechanics slider higher (100) for error free pitstops.
* During practice and warm up, mistakes are eliminated just like Thinker but at a reduced feedback rate.

Post on this topic if you have anything to say about this piece of help. Whether it be a question or some more advice Very Happy
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