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Post  Ashley Rushworth on Mon Oct 18, 2010 8:35 pm

Right, I have been asked this question many times, and to be honest, it is actually rather hard to figure out as it doesn't really tell you about it (and I think causes people to quit). So, people often wonder about when the Qualifying starts, which I will hopefully be answering Smile

If you look on 'My Games’ under the ‘Game’ menu at the top you will find a list of games your currently entered in… if you’re not in any races, you can enter them either through ‘Join Public Game’ or ‘Join Mid-Season Game’ and maybe but more unlikely ‘Private Games.’ Anyway, as I said, you will find your games you’re entered in under ‘My Games;’ you will also notice that on the near right of the series it might say Waiting or Starting Soon. It only says this because there are not enough players in the race to fill all the cars. It will start within a day or so, when there is a person in every car.

If it doesn’t say Waiting or Starting Soon and shows and countdown timer instead, the Qualifying will start shortly. In fact, when the countdown reaches 0, Qualifying will automatically start! Smile When Qualifying is over, you will go into Warm-up and another countdown will start (starting at 24:00), and once that reaches 0, the Race will start!
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