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Post  Ashley Rushworth on Mon Oct 18, 2010 8:41 pm

Qualifying is calculated automatically at the end of practice, and is a better indication of true performance than practice. Of course, it also decides the race grid.

You can decide which tyres to use for qualifying and how hard to push. If the race series you are in allows more than one lap for qualifying, it is recommended that your first lap is taken easy, and then make you later laps a bit faster.

Some race series also allow you to decide when to take to the circuit. Generally later in the qualifying session is faster, but there may also be an increased chance of getting caught in traffic because everyone else will want to try and get the best lap time!

Also, in some series, if you have a sprint and feature race, you will do your qualifying in the sprint race, but then in the feature race, the starting positions is determined by the sprints finishing results Smile
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