Loading And Saving Setups

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Loading And Saving Setups

Post  Ashley Rushworth on Sun Nov 14, 2010 7:54 pm

Saving Setups:

Once you have finished doing your set-ups and have got your final outcome, you want to get into a habit of saving your set-up. This is because if your practise is Bone Dry, but the qualifying is ‘Monsoon’ you will need to convert your set-up into a wet set-up. But say if the following warm-up was Bone Dry again, you would have to go and find out the Bone Dry setup again, even though you already did it in Practise. But if you save it, then you can simply just load it again for warm-up Smile

Loading Setups:

If your teammate has already done their setup, the simplest and easiest thing to do would be to load their setup. This saves you having to go back to team talk to see what their feedback was. So all you do is load their setup and then carry on trying to improve it Very Happy

Sharing Your Setup:

It is always helpful to share your setup. Even if your teammate has kool tools and can view your setup, it’s always good to get into the habit Smile After all, all you have to do is click ‘Easy Text Share’ and then post it, then you’re done so it’s not like it’s time consuming Razz
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