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Setup Movements

Post  Ashley Rushworth on Sun Nov 14, 2010 8:18 pm

Right, there are two different recommendations on how to create your setup. You can move it in 8s or you can move it in 10s. In this tutorial I will only be telling you how to do your setup moving in 8s because this has been proven to be a much more effective way of doing it Smile

Moving in 8s:

First of all. You need to get your starting value. If you do not know how to do so, please check the ‘Engineer’s Advice’ tutorial. It’s pretty simple really, first of all you need to increase/decrease your value by 8 each time (depending on what you have been told to do) until the gap between your two values (the highest and lowest) is 8. After that, al you need to do is increase/decrease it by 4 and 2 then you will be spot on. Here is an example (the starting number being 48:

48 *Estimation Updated – Increase Value – 48-100*
56 *Estimation Updated – Increase Value – 56-100*
64 *Estimation updated – 56-64*
60 *Estimation updated – 56-60*
58 *Estimation updated – 56-58*
57 *Spot On*

The first number on each row is the number I would type in. The in the * is whether I need to increase or decrease my value. Then after that, is the range I have now got.
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