Changing Tyres During A Race

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Changing Tyres During A Race

Post  Ashley Rushworth on Mon Jan 24, 2011 8:41 pm

This section is contained in ‘Race Strategy’. Half way down the page is a heading titled ‘Tyre Use in Changing Weather Conditions’. This is extremely important, as it decides when you pit to change tyres in changing weather conditions. Getting this wrong could mean you stay on dry tyres in the rain or switch to wet tyres when it’s dry!

When you first join a season the default says you will switch to Intermediate tyres at the 50 mark. This means that when the weather is above 50% wet you will prefer wet tyres, when it is under 50% you will prefer dry tyres.

It is always best for this section to experiment and find out what works best. When you reach a race with changing weather conditions take a close look at the times of drivers on dry tyres and intermediates, inters and wets, or whatever. Are the dry tyres faster than the intermediates? Or are the intermediates faster? Pretty soon you will find the ideal weather point where it is best to switch. One thing is for sure, it is not the default!

Below that section is a section titled ‘Changing Tyres’. This decides how long I will wait before switching tyres. It is a fundamental, but often overlooked, part of the strategy. Sometimes, even if you are on the wrong tyres, you may not want to switch tyres straight away. For example, if the weather in a race is changing rapidly you may be able to skip a pit stop by having a moderately high slider. If you had this slider set to 0, as soon as you preferred intermediates you would switch, as soon as you preferred wets you would switch, as soon as you preferred monsoons you would pit. By setting it to a value of around 30-40 you may be able to avoid one or two of these pit stops and save bags of time. It also makes a difference when a race gets wetter and then dryer, or vice versa. In a race such as this you may be able to avoid the pit stop altogether, and, although you may be slower than those who do switch for a brief period, you will have not had to pit twice in quick succession.
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