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Post  Ashley Rushworth on Mon Jan 24, 2011 8:54 pm

First of all, only players who have Kool Tools can initiate a sacking. So if you don’t have Kool Tools, there’s not much point reading this tutorial Razz A driver only should initiate a sacking if the team mate isn’t playing fairly or not at all (a more detailed description of what is acceptable to sack about below). The team mate will be automatically sacked if they do not object within 36 hours. If the driver does object, Kool Tools players can vote whether this player should be sacked or not.

There are quite a few reasons (acceptable ones) that players try to sack other players. Usually if a player misses 2 sessions without a good explanation, they will get sacked. If you wait until 2 hours before the session advances constantly, you more than likely will get sacked. This is because it does get very annoying when your teammate leaves it to the last minute as you then get a bad setup. If you just generally go inactive (AWOL) you’ll either be sacked it automatically kicked out of that season. Occasionally, a driver might not have enough time to finish the season so will ask to be sacked, usually the sacker will state this in the reason for sacking provided.
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