In The Event Of A Tie

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In The Event Of A Tie

Post  Ashley Rushworth on Mon Jan 24, 2011 9:04 pm

Right, in this topic I will be briefly explaining what happens if you get a tie for Qualifying, Fastest Lap, Race etc. There has been a lot of controversy about this in the past, so I thought I should just explain it a bit Smile

Qualifying is a very important part of the weekend. Now, sometimes when drivers of equal skill go out for a run in a session, they will get the same time. You may wonder how this is calculated, and it's very simple; the first person to post that time gets the position.

Like qualifying, the fastest lap is decided by whoever set the lap first. Sometimes you won't know what the exact time was, because there are many other digits (such as 1:13.38763463) that you won't see. Just trust BATracer to work it out fairly.

Of course, you wouldn't want to tie for the honours of being a champion, but it does happen. In this event the championship will be decided upon the number of wins. If these are the same it goes to number of podiums, and so on right down to average qualifying position.

The exact order is this:

Fastest laps
Average Qualifying Position
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