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Graphics Programs

Post  Ashley Rushworth on Mon Jan 24, 2011 9:20 pm

There are lots of different Graphic Programs out there, there is bound to be at least 1 that suits your needs and skills. I'm just going to quickly talk about the 4 main programs that I know of, Photoshop, Fireworks, and GIMP.

Photoshop - In my opinion, the best graphics program there is! It gives a hint in the name though PHOTOshop, it's more equipped to edit actual photos rather than graphics work, but still is amazing. Quite awkward to get around, but when you do, it works like a dream Razz The only disadvantage though is the price, it's costs a LOT!

Fireworks - This is the program I originally started off with and that helped me get into graphics. Although I did have a VERY old version from before 2000 it did the job. The one I had was Macromedia made, but I think it's not been bought by Adobe. Anyway, this program is simple and easy to use, suitable for a beginner at a respectable price. - I can't really comment on this much as I have actually never used the program before. But I have heard it is good! Smile The bonus side to it, is that it's free!

GIMP - Now, I used this program a little while ago and HATED it :S It was awkward to use and was incredibly messy. The menus were one of the most annoying things to use. A few of my friends use it and say they like it, so it might just be me. But my advice is that if you're a beginner, DO NOT buy this... well I say buy, it's free! Razz

Hope this has helped, Ash Smile
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