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How To Do Graphics

Post  Ashley Rushworth on Mon Jan 24, 2011 9:58 pm

Right, this is quite a long a difficult process, so make sure you have quite a bit of time on your hands (a few hours really). It really is worth it though, because you can use your graphics knowledge on lots of things, not just BATracer. I will be giving you a detailed step by step tutorial on how to create a helmet design. You can use the same techniques for car liveries.

I will be doing this tutorial on Photoshop, so when I give details on where to find a tool or something, it probably won’t apply if you’re using a different program. All you need to do is a bit of rummaging to find the correct tool (ask me if you need more help in the Questions section).

1) First of all, you need a Graphics Program. I give a list of a few programs on this topic Graphics Programs, I also give a very brief review on them too Smile

2) Right then. First things first, you need the template: Helmet Template. Save it somewhere suitable, maybe make a new folder somewhere called 'Helmet Project.'

A good step to take, is to make an outline as well. The only tool you'll need for this is the Magic Wand. It should be on the 4th icon on the left toolbar. You need to hold down the icon, and the magic wand section should be there. All you need to do is select all the yellow bits (one at a time) and delete them. So where all the yellow bits were, you should be able to see the background (transparent). Save this file as a PNG (would be better) or PSD file Very Happy

If you are having trouble making the outline, just download this file and save it as ‘Helmet Outline.’

3) Now there are two ways you can do it here.

The first way you can do it is open up a new document 258x258 (pixels). Go onto google or whatever and find any random picture you want and then copy and paste it onto your new document. Resize it and rotate it a bit if you want, just make sure it fills the entire canvas.

The second way is pretty much the same. You get you picture and copy and paste it onto your helmet TEMPLATE (not your outline). It doesn’t really make a difference Razz

4) Make a new layer. Go into 'Layer' on the menus bar at the top of the screen, go into the option 'New' (The top option) and then click on Layer. Alternatively you can press Ctrl+Shift+N (I think that works on most programs as well).

5) Finally you need to get your Helmet OUTLINE and copy and paste that onto your new layer. Now it should look finished, a picture inside the template outline. You can add what you want to it, your name, a number, it’s up to you Smile Don’t worry about the shadow effect, BATracer does that automatically when you upload your helmet, so make sure your text isn’t too dark otherwise you won’t see it Wink

Just to help out a bit more, here’s what your stages should look like following the tutorial Smile


Hope it helps, Ash Smile
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